Keynote speaker

Make your event unforgettable with Dr. Marcia Goddard as a speaker. With a 'brainy twist,' she not only shares scientific insights but also provides an engaging experience. From high-performance culture to DEI and innovation, Marcia inspires and motivates your audience in a unique way.

Workshops, masterclasses and training programs

Immerse your team in the world of neuroscience with tailor-made workshops and training sessions. Dr. Marcia Goddard combines in-depth knowledge with an accessible approach, making complex scientific concepts practically applicable. From fostering healthy coping mechanisms to and promoting psychological safety and high performance leadership, explore the possibilities to enhance the performance and well-being of your team.

Customized Qualitative Culture Scans

Map out your company's culture with the expertise of Dr. Marcia Goddard. Through thorough qualitative analyses, she identifies opportunities for improvement and growth. With a keen understanding of brain-behavior relationships, Marcia provides insights that lead to positive changes within your organization.

Applied Psychological Safety Certification Program

Teach your teams how to create and maintain psychological safety with Contentment for Business’ comprehensive certification program offered at 3 different levels (Essentials, Advanced, Transformative). Most psychological safety certification programs tell you what it is – we teach you how to build it.

HR Process Consulting

Evaluate your current processes through the lens of neuroscience. Specializing in recruitment, employee experience, and performance review cycles, this service includes observations of current processes, workshops for evaluation and redesign, and support in implementing improved processes.

Individual and Team Coaching

Develop your team with the help and expert in brain-behavior relationships. Team observations and feedback sessions, as well as individual coaching, are offered as an add-on to larger programs. This service is tailored to the specific needs of individuals and teams within organizations, and is only offered as part of a larger organizational change effort. Choose growth and development with Dr. Marcia Goddard. Contact us and discover how neuroscience can make a difference for your team and company!

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