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Keynote Speaker

Unleash Innovation and Growth: Book Dr. Marcia Goddard as a Keynote Speaker!

Are you in search of an inspiring speaker who bridges the gap between science and business? Dr. Marcia Goddard not only brings a 'brainy twist' to your event but also profound neuroscientific insights that will have a lasting impact on your team and organization.

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In-depth neuroscientific knowledge

With an impressive background as a former Assistant Professor in Neuroscience, Dr. Marcia Goddard brings profound knowledge to your event. She unravels complex scientific concepts, making them accessible to a broad audience. Your team will not only be inspired but will also gain insights directly applicable to the workplace.


Inspiring 'brainy twist'

Marcia's approach is unique and refreshing. She adds a 'brainy twist' to her presentations, making even the most technical topics engaging and understandable. Your audience is guaranteed to embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration.


Relevant topics

Whether it's high-performance culture, DEI, innovation, the future of work or psychological safety, Marcia has expertise in a multitude of topics, because neuroscience is everywhere. She tailors her presentations to the specific needs of your event and audience.

What Will You Take Away from Marcia’s Insights?

Practical applicability

The knowledge gained during Marcia's keynotes is directly applicable to the workplace. She provides concrete tools and examples that will help your team transform and grow.

Inspirational motivation

Marcia's presentations go beyond conveying information. She motivates and inspires your team to strive for excellence, creativity, and collaboration

Change in Mindset

After listening to Marcia, you'll notice a shift in mindset within your team. Her neuroscientific insights offer new perspectives and stimulate innovation and development in company culture.

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Choose a Speaker focused on neuroscience

Opt for an event that is not only informative but also transformational. Book Dr. Marcia Goddard as a speaker and let your team experience the impact of neuroscience in the workplace. Contact us today and discover how Marcia can leave a lasting impression on your team and organization!

Work with Dr. Marcia Goddard

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