Individual and team coaching

Individual and team coaching

Best practices in sustainable high performance

Embark on a transformative journey to enhance your team's dynamics with our specialized coaching in brain-behavior relationships. Tailored to the unique needs of individuals and teams within organizations, this coaching service is seamlessly integrated as an add-on to larger programs.

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Expert guidance in brain-behavior relationships

Elevate your team's performance with the expertise of Dr. Marcia Goddard, specializing in the intricate dynamics of brain-behavior relationships. By understanding the neuroscience behind behaviors, she provides insights that go beyond conventional coaching, unlocking new avenues for growth and improvement within your team.


Comprehensive team observations and feedback sessions

Gain valuable perspectives on team dynamics through meticulous observations and feedback sessions. Our coaching service goes beyond surface-level insights, offering a deep understanding of how individual behaviors impact overall team performance. This comprehensive approach ensures that the coaching interventions are targeted and impactful.


Individual coaching for personalized development

Recognizing the diverse needs within a team, our coaching service extends to individualized sessions. This allows us to address specific challenges and foster individual growth. This dual focus on team dynamics and individual development creates a holistic approach to driving positive change within the entire organizational framework.


Integral part of larger organizational change effort

This coaching service is strategically offered as part of a larger organizational change effort, ensuring alignment with broader objectives. By integrating brain-behavior coaching into the fabric of organizational transformation, it becomes a catalyst for sustained improvement, fostering a culture of continuous growth and adaptability.

Choose individual and collective growth

Enhance team performance, and drive lasting positive change within your organization. The future success of your team starts with the strategic investment in transformative coaching. Help your team grow. Contact Dr. Marcia Goddard and learn how to combine coaching with one of our other organizational change initiatives.

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