Applied Psychological Safety Certification Program

Applied Psychological Safety Certification Program

Elevate your organization with our Applied Psychological Safety Certification Program

Unlock the full potential of your team and foster a culture of psychological safety with Contentment for Business’ cornerstone Applied Psychological Safety Certification Program. This program is was developed by Dr. Marcia Goddard in collaboration with Romy Alexandra, a top-expert in the field of experiential learning.

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Why choose our Applied Psychological Safety Certification Program?


Expert guidance from top professionals

The program is developed and facilitated by two leading experts in their fields—Romy Alexandra, specializing in experiential learning, and Dr. Marcia Goddard, a distinguished neuroscientist. Participants benefit from the wealth of knowledge and practical insights offered by these experts, ensuring a high-quality learning experience.


Focused on practical application

Unlike many certification programs that primarily focus on understanding concepts, our program prioritizes the "how" of psychological safety. The curriculum is science-based, offering tried-and-tested resources, tools, and skills. Participants engage in live, experiential online sessions, ensuring they can practically apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.


Personalized feedback and coaching

We understand the importance of individualized support. Our program provides personalized feedback and coaching throughout the participants' journey, ensuring continuous development of skills. This personalized approach contributes to the creation of psychologically safe spaces within teams, fostering a sustainable high-performance culture.


Tailored learning pathways

The program offers three distinct levels—Essentials, Advanced, and Transformative—allowing participants to choose a pathway that aligns with their organizational needs and current knowledge level. Whether starting from the basics or aiming for transformative leadership, individuals can tailor their learning journey to best suit their goals.

Choose transformative experiences

By applying for the Applied Psychological Safety Certification Program, individuals and organizations gain access to a comprehensive, experiential learning experience that goes beyond theoretical knowledge, empowering them to transform their teams and organizations positively.

Start your psychological safety journey today. Contact Dr. Marcia Goddard and discover how Contentment for Business’ Applied Psychological Safety Certification Program can contribute to sustainable high performance in your organization.

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